Multicultural Strip


Kish Strip



    The civilizations project is a 4-kilometer strip that extends from the center to the north coast of Kish Island, providing access to the airport. playing an important role in the urban structure as a main radial axis. The urban design aims to create a multipurpose a multi-axis recreational tourism corridor as a gateway to the airport the main access to the island's northern coast where the finest beaches are located. To achieve this objective, the urban design intended around a specific characteristic and a distinct identity so that it would operate as a multi-functional touristic boulevard. The essence, therefore, is based on the grounds that it would exhibit the history of ancient civilizations in the form of symbolic architecture of the early civilizations from Mesopotamia to the present time. 

    The Concept

    to create a multipurpose a multi-axis recreational tourism corridor

    Along the axis is a magical experience as one would walk through a timeline of civilizations and a historical sequence that would engage the viewer in understanding and awareness of diverse cultures and civilizations throughout history. It is ultimately a throwback to the past and an evolution of the built environment tied with the approach of urban vitality, memorable and enjoyable for any audience. The development thus is, a multipurpose center with a bed of mixed activities with entertainment features of dominant civilizations of the world, with famous volumetric buildings, creating a monumental tourist center on the island and in the Persian Gulf..

    a throwback to the past and the evolution of the built environment

    Moshir Shopping mall
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